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Department of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer(DIPTT), formerly known as the Office of Public Affairs, responsible for intellectual property management, marketing, promotion, maintenance and income distribution, industry cooperation, research of commercialization and development, technology transfer or incubation, startup counseling and related matters such as personnel training.

Intellectual Property Management:
Be responsible for protecting and managing Academia Sinica’s intellectual property and promotion of intellectual property concepts. Encourage the disclosure of new discoveries. Evaluate patentability and licensability of new inventions by conducting patent search, market research and technology validation. Develop and apply patent portfolio strategies. Coordinate with patent attorneys to protect Academia Sinica’s inventions and intellectual properties through patent applications.

Technology Transfer
Be responsible for marketing and licensing of Academia Sinica’s technologies. Conduct technology assessment and market research for new inventions. Seek and foster contacts with potential licensees that are capable of developing and commercializing the technologies into products and services for the public benefit. Develop and negotiate license agreement. Cultivate relationship among industry academia and government to foster partnerships and collaboration. Follow the milestone development after licensing Academia Sinica’s technologies and provide help during product development.

Industry-Academic Cooperation
We promote Industry-Academic partnership with the intent on developing innovative technologies, by effectively accessing government resources such as the Germination Program, National Research Programs, Taiwan Supra Integration and Incubation Center, and facilitating the collaboration of the various government, academic, and industry parties. Through these activities, we would expand technology transfer opportunities and expedite technology commercialization with industry partners.

Technology Incubation
Through the Biotechnology Incubation Center (BIC), we work towards the realization of products and services based on AS proprietary technologies and discoveries. BIC assists in launching new ventures as well as supporting the growth of portfolio companies by providing technical counsel, business development expertise and managerial support, with the aim towards building a prosperous bio-pharmaceutical industry in Taiwan, and resulting in new job opportunities and superior economic outcomes. As part of our efforts toward building a technology innovation ecosystem at AS, we created a networking and learning platform through seminars and training workshops, to facilitate contacts between academic research community and commercial industry groups, and develop future talents with entrepreneurial spirit.

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