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Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology
Mutant cyanobacteria and method to enhance photosynthetic growth and biomass production of cyanobacteria
Immunostaining images of synaptonemal complex in maize
Drought toleranct transgenic plant
A novel ubiquitinase can be used for a kit of research reagent
Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle-Mediated Delivery of DNA into plant cells
The application of the broccoli wound-inducible promoter of GLUCOSE INHIBITION of ROOT ELONGATION 1 gene in transgenic plants
Ophiocordyceps sinensis (≡ Cordyceps sinensis) culture YMJ-CS02B
Sweet potato extract with anti-invasion, anti-metastasis and anti-angioformation activities
Heat stable xylanase and its application
Chemical Inhibitors of Ethylene Biosynthesis
Anti-inflammatory and anti-hyperalgesic effects of sweet potato trypsin inhibitor ex vivo and in vivo including inhibition of MMP-9 expression
Sweet potato trypsin inhibitor exhibits preventive protection on carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage in mice
Application of novel ESPFLP on transgenic plants enhances plant immunity against bacterial diseases
A new laccase of Rigidoporus microporus
Discovery of novel cellulolytic enzyme from Geobacillus species
A novel anti-fungal chitinase
Mass-propagate slipper orchid via suspension cell culture
Gene Cloning, Expression and Applications of A Novel Acid and Heat-Resistant
Screening novel pharmaceutical producer from native endophytes
Large scale propagation of Tabebuia chrysantha in vitro
Large scale propagation of somatic embryo derived plants of Cinnamomum kanehirae in vitro
Genetic engineering for plants tolerant to drought, salt and cold stresses
Establishment and Prolonged Utilization of Superior Germplasms via Biotechnology of Angelica
Transform the low-value agricultural product into high value-added industrial products by enzymes
Plant TUBBY–like protein gene family
Propagate Slipper orchid through leaf culture in vitro
Mapping and application of subgenomic RNA promoters of plant RNA viruses
Production and application of recombinant microbial lipases
Protein engineering and application of Staphylococcus epidermidis lipase
Applications of a rice prolamin gene RP5 promoter in expressing useful genes in economically importa
Application of a bruchid resistant protein and its gene from mung bean to confer insect resistance o
Method for producing Antrodia cinnamomea fermentative product.
High Efficiency in Plant Transformation
Isopentenyl transferase gene transformed broccoli with retarding effect on postharvest yellowing.
(Chemically Inducible) One-Component Plant Gene Tagging
Satellite RNA from bamboo mosaic virus as a vector for foreign gene expression in plants
Natural Antioxidants
Sample purification application and method. (IBAS clean-up column)
Plant disease resistant genes available for breeding program

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